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eFORMz Ports

To check for what, if anything, is using the ports we have, issue the following command:  netstat -anop | grep 999. This command will show the open ports and what application opened them. List of ...

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MRU Count

MRU Count controls the number of recently-used projects to be shown from the File tab of the eFORMz Composer Main Menu, based on a preset counter. To adjust this counter, from the eFORMz Composer ...

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Global Variables

A Global Variable is a Project-level Variable. It is capable of capturing and applying text and/or numeric values from one page across multiple pages of output. To add a Global Variable to a ...

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OCR-A (OCRA) is a special font that is used for Optical Character Recognition Systems. It is also used for server purposes when an automated systems need a standard character shape defined to ...

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