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eFORMz Architecture


eFORMz System Architecture

System Requirements and Product Features

System requirements and hardware recommendations for eFORMz are available here:

Product features for eFORMz are available here:


Do we have to plan for dedicated servers for Minisoft, or can we run the Director Toolkit on the existing servers?

Using eFORMz does not add significant overhead. The primary considerations would be internal policy and resources.

What impact (%) would there be (do we have to add CPU/RAM)?

This is dependent on what is being done with eFORMz. A couple of examples may help with planning.
1) To keep 10 laser printers capable of 20+ pages per minute busy, eFORMz would need about four cores. In this example the CPU cores would be used less than 10% of the time.
2) To produce 100 two page PDF files, eFORMz using two cores would take under 10 seconds.

Large input spool files (10s to 100s of megabytes for each file) would require more RAM. Manipulating images (scaling and cropping) would increase need for CPU time. Database calls and network traffic can impact throughput.

Considering that we plan considerable PDF archiving and emailing, should we prefer Linux or Windows (also considering user access to archives)?

We do not have a preference for an operating system while running. If you expect heavy use of the PDF archive files, having them loaded on a separate file server may be of value. The eFORMz Director can be configured to direct the output to another Linux host or Windows (via Samba share).

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