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eFORMz Product Licensing

NOTE: If your eFORMz license is expired, please contact

eFORMz is licensed by printer and an eFORMz license isn’t transferable to other servers. Existing customers that want to transfer licenses may need to obtain a new eFORMz activation license. A helpful resource is the following post: Best Practices: Migrating eFORMz to Latest Version. Similarly, new customers will need to upgrade their demo license to a permanent license. What is the process for licensing eFORMz? Licensing eFORMz involves sending the Minisoft support team ( an email with the eFORMz.xml license file attached. This is discussed as a part of the Getting Started Guide: eFORMz. After downloading eFORMz, in the newly created Minisoft\eFORMz_6 folder, locate the eFORMz.xml file and send it to Minisoft support for activation. For iSeries users, the process requires a few additional steps. Please read the following post: License eFORMz on an AS/400 (iSeries) system.


To get a new instance of eFORMz licensed:

  1. After downloading a new instance of eFORMz, send an email to with your eFORMz.xml file attached. This can be found in your c:/Minisoft/eFORMz_6 directory (If on Windows) and explain what it is to be licensed for.
  2. After the license file has been received, replace the old license file with the new one.
  3. Restart the eFORMz service so the new license can be activated. This can be done by going to Services Manager (Windows key + r, then type “services.msc” and hit enter on Windows) and looking for “eFORMz Service Manager” or “eFORMz Service Manager 64”,  right-clicking on it and hitting restart. The eFORMz license will now be activated.

If a current demo license needs to be extended, go to and follow the instructions there. Keep in mind that this license is only valid for three days.

Again, eFORMz licenses are only valid for the machine that they were licensed for. They cannot be used on different machines running eFORMz.

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