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Known Issue: Rotated text shifts text position

Version: eFORMz 11.00.04 and earlier

Operating systems: All

Issue:  Printing A5 forms that include rotated text results in incorrect text placement. You can specify text rotation from the following components:

  • Output from Project
  • Place Text Rule
  • Constant

Fix: Complete the following procedure:

  1. Close all eFORMz Composer windows.
  2. Open eFORMzCfg_User.xml and copy the following text in it:

<PageDimension Name=”A5 No Margin” PCLNumber=”25″ PortraitA=”4176″ PortraitB=”5976″ PortraitC=”4176″ PortraitD=”5976″ PortraitE=”0″ PortraitF=”0″ PortraitG=”0″ PortraitH=”0″ LandscapeA=”5976″ LandscapeB=”4176″ LandscapeC=”5976″ LandscapeD=”4176″ LandscapeE=”0″ LandScapeF=”0″ LandscapeG=”0″ LandscapeH=”0″ />

  1. Start the Composer and open your project.
  2. In the Composer, find the form that has this issue and right click the form > Properties > General .
  3. Change the form’s Page Size to A5 No Margin. Click OK.
  4. Save your project. The Director picks up the change the next time it calls the project. You do not need to restart the Director.

If you have this issue with a different page size, contact

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