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Stopping eFORMz Composer’s Auto Refresh

The default for eFORMz Composer is to refresh automatically after certain changes. If your project includes network operations such as a SQL Load or web service call, the delay to refresh data can be time consuming. You can prevent eFORMz from refreshing the Composer by updating either the System Properties or the project itself.

Update System Properties

  1. In the eFORMz Composer, click File > System Properties > Viewer tab.
  2. Uncheck Auto-load Viewer.
  3. Click OK.

Projects in the Composer refresh only after you right click the project > Display Forms and Data. You can also right click a form > Display Form and Data.

Update the Project

  1. Right click the SQL Load step or web service call > Active to make the step inactive.
  2. Save the project.

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