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Translate/Convert Data

If you’re looking for language translation, view the following:¬†Translating a Two-Sided Label Parts I and II

To translate or convert data in a selected range, the Translate rule can be used.

1. From the eFORMz Viewer, Input Data Viewer, highlight the selected range that contains the data you would like to translate. For example, translate the forward slash ( /) contained in the date to dashes (-):


2. Right click and select Add Rule > Translate.
3. The Variable dialog box will display. Enter a new variable name and click OK.
4. The Rule Properties dialog box will display. Enter a new rule name and click OK.
5. From the Translate dialog box, select Char for character change and then enter the translation in the From and To fields. When complete, click Add to add the translation set to the Sets field. Once complete, click OK.
6. To view the newly formatted data in the eFORMz Viewer, create a Place Text rule by selecting the same rule created for Translate (DATE Translate). Right click the DATE Translate rule and select Add Action > Place Text.
7. The Place Text dialog box will display. In the horizontal and vertical position fields, the original position of the translated data will appear.
8. Once complete, click OK. The translation will display in the eFORMz Form Viewer. To change the position, drag and drop the data in the eFORMz Form Viewer.

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