Use eFORMz to create highly customized labels with RFID tags. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses wireless electromagnetic fields to transmit data, identify tags and track tags which are attached to objects.

eFORMz fully supports RFID. Supported printer languages include: ZPL, EPL, IPL, Intermec DP, DPL, ESC, SBPL & TCPL


Barcode Support

eFORMz is a powerful forms, label and barcode generation solution for formatting, personalizing and delivering application output. eFORMz outputs many different barcode symbologies. Choose your symbology, size and output format and eFORMz will generate a printable and scannable barcode.

eFORMz has extensive documentation on the barcode symbologies we support:

1D Barcodes2 of 53 of 93 of 9 ExtendedCODE11CODE128CODABAREAN8EAN13JAN8JAN13MSIPOSTNETUPCAUPCE, USER-DEFINED, USPS Intelligent Mail

2D BarcodesAztecData MatrixMaxiCodePDF417Quick Response (QR)RFID

Special FontsCMC-7MICR 13BOCR-ASecure Amount

GS1GS1-128, GS1 DataBar

eVS Barcode Data Generator

SmartLabel Design and Barcode