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Aptos EOS/OMS Integration

Aptos is a provider of cloud-based retail management solutions. For more on eFORMz and Aptos, view the following page: eFORMz for Aptos.


Of the four main integration options for eFORMz, web service calls are used to capture and format Aptos output.

Web Service Calls

“Web service calls let you send or receive data from web applications with industry standard POST and GET methods. Connect to remote systems over http or https protocols to get data from remote servers. There’s no need to write new code or configure a database connection. The web service provider determines the URL syntax, including key value pairs (KVPs) to send.”

eFORMz runs in the Aptos cloud. Aptos makes a web service call to eFORMz to create a packing slip. For more information on web services and the eFORMz API, consult the following resource: eFORMz API Management (Developer Resources).

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