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Material Handling Equipment (MHE)/Auto-Apply Support

Looking to automate more of your packing and shipping?

eFORMz integrates with a number of material handling equipment (MHE) systems. eFORMz communicates directly with the most common automation protocols and languages, such as CIP, EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP. In addition, eFORMz can make use of web service and direct network port communications.

Uses include:

  • Employ induction scanning of box ‘license plate’ bar codes to initiate a series of lookups, leading to the generation of a shipping label.
  • Read scales to rate shop, generate a shipping label or check weigh boxes before loading.
  • Read position sensors and bar code scanners to ensure the proper label(s) are prepared for auto-apply.

Some supported vendors include:

  • Rockwell / Allen-Bradley
  • Automation Direct
  • Advantech

Modbus Service Listener

eFORMz supports Modbus TCP/IP. For the Modbus service listener, add the following configuration line to the ServiceManagerSettings.xml file:

<Service Name="Modbus" Class="com.minisoft.mhe.ModbusService" Parameters="username:modbus password:password project:projects/customer/dothis.efz " Start="true" />

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