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Using Translation Tables (Secure 92, ODBC/32 and NFT)

Translation tables provide a means to substitute characters during ASCII file transfers. They are used in Secure 92, ODBC/32 and NFT.

These tables are available from Minisoft, Inc. Contact Minisoft to receive the table(s) you need. You may also create you own tables.

Using Translations Tables With MS92

If you need non-U.S. English fonts and you plan to use Windows True Type fonts, you will need to use font conversion tables.

MS92 uses Character Set Translation Tables to convert between different character sets on PCs and host computers.

The tables reside in the same directory as MS92, where MS92 looks for them during startup.

Some of the tables may also be loaded dynamically, without having to stop and restart MS92. You do this by running a script file that includes the TABLOAD command.

The following table shows the table types available and the equivalent TABLOAD values:

Function Translation
PC keyboard to host computer HP_CHARS.TBL 1
Host computer to PC monitor PC_CHARS.TBL 2
ASCII file transfer from PC to host XLAT1.TBL 3
ASCII file transfer from host to PC XLAT2.TBL 4
Host to PC function keys FK_CHARS.TBL 5
Host to PC local printer PT_CHARS.TBL 6
Copy to clipboard CUTCHARS.TBL 7
Paste from clipboard PASTE_CH.TBL 8

Using Translation Tables With ODBC/32, JDBC and OLE DB

The connection parameters “2DriverTable” and “2HostTable” are provided to hold the names of translation table files. Provide the value for a file name as used on the system that runs the client driver library.

Enter the name of existing .tbl translation tables in the DSN configuration dialog box.

These files are the same as those used with the other communication products.


Using Translation Tables With NFT

NFT (both MPE and FTP) use a MDMFT32.INI (or MDMFTP32.INI) file to set translation table values. For example, to have extended characters convert correctly between Windows ANSI and HP-ROMAN9 when using NFT, add the following lines to the file C:\WINNT\MDMFT32.INI:


Note: Use the appropriate Table.

Making XLAT Files

The size of these tables is always 256 bytes. The characters in this file are substituted for the equivalent (indexed) character requested. If the file contains the binary values zero through 255, no change would take place.

If the 33rd character (Decimal value 32, Hex 20) is replaced with the 66th character (Decimal value 65, Hex 41), all blank spaces will be replaced with the letter A.

Sample Tables

Download the Sample Tables

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