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Set up a rule action to notify an individual or multiple individuals via email when a process is ran. The Notify action can be conditionally based.

How to implement

1. From the Data Viewer select the string of characters you would like to monitor, right click, and select Add Rule > Notify.
2. The Variable dialog box will display. Enter a new variable name. To keep the existing data in place select Copy original data to output. Once complete, click OK.
3. The Rules Properties dialog box displays. Enter a new rule name and click OK.
4. From the Notify Action dialog box enter the necessary information:

SMTP Host is your email server. User is the username to connect to your email server. Password is your password to connect to the SMTP Host.
To is the intended recipient of the email.
From is the company email address.
Subject is the description of the specified email.
Include page data as message body includes the data page in the body of the email.

Once complete, click OK.

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