DuplexPackSlip® Transactional Thermal Labels

The future of shipping, right at your fingertips

Print, Peel & Apply

Typically, you’d have to print a packing slip and shipping label, match them, fold and insert the packing slip into the pouch, and then apply the packing slip and shipping label. With the DuplexPackSlip® and eFORMz, you print the packing slip and shipping label simultaneously on one two-sided label. You then apply the label and ship it. It’s as easy as printing, peeling and pasting.

Transactional Thermal Label

DuplexPackSlip® transactional thermal label printing uses two thermal print heads to duplex print on a thermal-coated label. It’s an all-in-one duplex shipping solution, which automatically marries a shipping/return label with a packing slip/invoice on the front and back sides of the same label.


How does eFORMz make it work?

How does a packing slip, a shipping label, a two-sided thermal printer and a DuplexPackSlip® transactional label all come together?

First, a packing slip is generated and sent to eFORMz. An eFORMz project analyzes the packing slip, formats it and places it in a directory.
Next, a shipping label is created and sent to eFORMz. An eFORMz project analyzes the shipping label, formats it and retrieves the packing slip for the second side of the DuplexPackSlip® label.

Finally, the completed DuplexPackSlip® label is sent to the printer.

WardKraft peeler in action


The standard DuplexPackSlip label features a shipping label and a packing list.

Integrated Returns

The returns DuplexPackSlip label features a shipping label and a return label.


The multi-use DuplexPackSlip label has a shipping label, packing list and 2 1/2×6 return label. Note that these sections are customizable and can be used for other purposes, such as promotional messaging, return instructions and terms and conditions.

Case Study – Barska