Secure 92 is the complete terminal emulation and data communications package. Featuring precise emulation of HP2392A, HP700/92, HP700/96, HP700/98, HP ANSI, VT100, and VT320 CRT terminals. Secure 92 provides users with a powerful connectivity tool that combines the flexibility of the PC environment with the power of host computing. *Now supporting Windows 10!

Flysheet + Specs

  • Support for inverse video, variable screen intensities, underlining, blinking characters and secure fields.
  • Full editing capabilities, clear line, clear display, insert line, insert character, delete line, delete character, and insert wrap.
  • Support for line drawing and foreign character sets.
  • Screen display capacity of up to 66 to 255 user-definable columns, with horizontal scrolling of 24 to 66 rows.
  • Configurable multi-page scrolling memory. Scroll back as many as 99 screen pages or 2,376 lines.
  • Type-ahead and destructive backspace.
  • Character and block mode compatibility. Support for remote mode, local mode, format mode, display functions, memory lock, and auto line feed.
  • Supports all HP and DEC handshaking, including hardware, XON/XOFF, and ENQ/ACK,
  • Supports HP2392, HP700/92, HP700/98, VT100/VT220/320 terminal emulations
  • Fast and reliable ASCII/binary file transfers between PC and HP e3000, HP9000 and UNIX host computers.
  • Support for Minisoft HP3000 protocol ( WS92LINK & NFTLINK )  – MPE
  • Support for Minisoft HP9000 protocol ( ws92link ) – Unix
  • Support for Xmodem,  and FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ).
  • A proprietary file transfer that supports MPE specific information is included
  • User-definable function keys
  • French and German function keys, menus, and error messages included.
  • Keyboard remapping which allows users to re-configure any key for both HP and DEC terminals.
  • Context sensitive on-line help.
  • User-definable translation tables
  • Smart buttons – execute scripts or commands from user configurable buttons.
  • Modem dialer and phone book.
  • Capture-to-disk.
  • Complete HP printer function support, including copy all, copy page, copy line, log top, log bottom, and record mode.
  • Support for compressed printing, landscape, and variable printer fonts.
  • PC to host printing. Direct the output of most PC-based word processing, graphics and spreadsheet packages to host-based printers.
  • COM1, COM2, COM3, and COM4 support
  • Baud rate support from 300 through 38,400
  • Full Winsock compliance with NS/VT and Telnet virtual terminal protocols.
  • SSH Secure Shell connections via Telnet ( Unix Hosts )
  • SSH Secure Shell connections to HPe3000 using an SSH Tunnel
  • Full Windows screen handling with support for pull-down menus, menu bars, side bars, configurable buttons and mouse.
  • Support for cutting and pasting between windows.
  • Able to run host applications in the background while a Windows word processor or spreadsheet is being used.
  • Resizable windows with scaleable fonts. Auto-size font option automatically resizes the font when the window is resized.
  • Multiple sessions through a single network connection.
  • DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) support.
Term Talk Scripting Language
Secure 92’s scripting language (Term Talk) is a modern block structured language that provides control of Secure 92’s communication with the host and interface to the use. The scripts are source and object code compatible on the Macintosh, Windows platform.
The Script Recorder lets you create time-saving scripts by recording all commands typed to the host.  
Network File Transfer is an optional method of file transfer that is part of the same MSJOB used by the ODBC driver.
Competitive upgrade available on all emulation products.